Information Our products are being used ın trade centers, open and closed places, entertainment centers along with Lunaparks.

Amusement Park Equipment

Lunapark Toys

The machines produced by Elkon Grup are introduced in 2 groups as Family Rides and Kıddy Rides .

Trains, Ride On Cars

Train, Cars with Accumulator

All the trains and cars with accumulators of Elkon Grup are produced in our factory.

Artistic Products

Art Products

Elkon Grup, with the experience of the years, ıntroduces irreplaceable places by turning design into art.

Who is Elkon Group?

İt ıs a brand began with the production of computer game machines  in 1984 and gained a place in the market since that and always being preferred both in world and Turkish market for its modern products.

İn many places of Turkey and  the world; İn Otels, İn Parks, İn golf courses, İn open and closed places, İn state sectors